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I’ve put off writing my first blog post, trying to decide what topic would be worth the start.  And finally, I have a reason to blog.  We’re beginning construction of a second floor addition at our 1939 house (read: home office).  As an independent spec writer, I work out of my home and travel to my architects’ offices for meetings.  We’ve moved ourselves into the basement over the last week or two.

And now today, Day One, I’m attempting to work through the noise, trying to gauge the intelligence of this decision.  Our cat Wrigley has a brain the size of a walnut, as I learned from some nature show.  I never knew if they meant with or without the shell, but based on my cat, it seems to vary day to day.  Today, he has a walnut-with-shell brain, and he’s even smarter than me – he’s hiding in the darkest reaches of our basement spare bedroom’s closet.  If I could fit in there with my laptop, I’d join him.

The Contractor’s work today consists of delivering a dumpster, laying OSB to protect the existing 1st level wood floors, taking down our wood doors, and taking the plaster ceilings down.  I said “laying” OSB, I should have said “dropping” OSB.  But that step is done, and now they are unscrewing the door hinges from the frames. There’s a lot of thumps, and the sounds of drilling and dragging.

Here’s a quick “before” picture from a couple days ago.  It’s already dated because as of five minutes ago, there’s now a dumpster in the driveway.  I’ll be tracking construction progress in future posts.  But today, I need to get back to my work – with some headphones.

Before – View from across the street.  Goodbye green grass.